We are looking for postdocs graduate students to join our team

The Plasma Control group is looking for new postdoctoral researchers and graduate students to conduct research on topics including:

  • Machine learning for fusion applications (1 postdoc and 2 grad students)
  • Stellarator equilibrium and QS code development (1 postdoc or grad student)
  • Stellarator optimization via machine learning (1 postdoc or grad student)
  • DIII-D: pedestal analysis/control, plasma stability analysis/control (1 postdoc or grad student)
  • KSTAR: ELM physics and control (1 postdoc and 1 grad student)
  • NSTX-U: Thomson scattering and plasma control (1 postdoc and 2 grad students)
  • Liquid metal technology and science (LMX-U experiment): Experiments/Simulation of liquid metal (Lithium, Gallium) flow under electromagnetic conditions for fusion reactor plasma-facing components  (1 postdoc and 1 grad student)
  • Low temperature plasma: Plasma laser diagnostics for chemical reaction catalysis (methane reforming)  (1 postdoc or grad student)

Funds are available immediately. Postdoctoral researcher can start 2022/2023 and can work remotely. Please contact the principal investigator, Egemen Kolemen, ekolemen at princeton dot edu, for more information.